im haley and im a native american from northern ontario

Please sign this petition to save Canada’s lakes & rivers, and sacred native treaties

"I am outraged and saddened that, despite the opposition of millions of Canadians, the government has chosen to rewrite some of Canada’s environmental protection laws through the omnibus bill, C-45.
The changes in the omnibus bill have weakened Canada’s environmental laws, removing critical safeguards, and reducing our opportunity, as the public, to have a say about projects that will threaten our air, water, soil and ecosystems on which all Canadians depend.
Bill C-45 has also eliminated the Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission, an independent body in-charge of making science-based decisions to protect Canadians from toxic chemicals and hazardous materials. This could result in less disclosure from companies about the chemical contents of their products. Canadians deserve to be properly informed about the use and distribution of toxins.
We need to protect nature, anyway we can. We need to let Harper and Parliament know that the lakes, rivers, air and animals should come before his dams, bridges and pipelines. I want my children, and my children’s children, to experience Canadian nature and love it the way I do but at this rate there will be no nature left for them. “

petitions below:

The House of Commons in Parliament Assembled: Do not pass the Budget Implementation Bill C-45

Stephen Harper and Members of Parliament: Tell Canadians the Truth about Omnibus bill, C-45

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