i cant link things other then pages on my new theme and its making me RRR
i wanna link my personal tag, my sisters blog …and mb another thing that i cant remember rn 

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GIRL Thor??? BLACK Captain America?? What’s next, GAY Iron Man? [actual comment on actual facebook]

i am all for this please and thank you just keep listing off things that frighten you because they all sound like good ideas to me

Gay Iron-Man would be hella rad.

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can someone start a petition for a gay ironman ? that would be so many yes

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Israel / Palestine Peace Talks
  • Israel: Somebody in Gaza did a bad thing to us.
  • 200k Palestinians: It wasn't me!
  • Israel: If nobody's gonna admit it then we have to bomb all of you.
  • USA: *looks at shoes*

Always remember who your friends are America

why is this even a thing? innocent children are dyingthats like saying native and african americans shouldnt join america/canada’s military because of the genocide they caused in the pastdont defend what israel is doing by saying genocide of those people are ok when there being murdered like fish in a barrel

went out to eat with the bfs mom and sister and laughed like the entire time
which is awesome because lately i was feeling like i was in a bit of a rut in my relationship with them :)

now to wait for the food to settle and do the dishes.. mb clean up the bedroom.. which will be hard because the coat hangers are missing so all our clothes are squished in bags until we find/buy some

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