im haley and im a native american from northern ontario

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…but I don’t understand the ASL ice bucket challenge!! So the whole deal is you either dump a bucket of water on yourself OR you pay for ALS association.

Wikipedia info:image

It makes it seem like people would rather pour a bucket of water over their head than donate money. DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE THAT WITH THIS RULE THEY LOOK LIKE THE WORLDS BIGGEST ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!! 



Here he is literally saying that he would rather have a bucket of ice water poured on his head than donate money.

Seriously the only normal one was fucking Charlie Sheen.




Am I understanding this right??

i was wondering the same thing
but god bless charlie sheen

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i can’t stop laughing he’s like what no climb

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i wantt to be becoommee healthy 
i guess itll be easier since i quit drinking 
still not sure if i should reserve another day or two of drinking because i was supposed to be in my hometown for the week but it got cut off short but ill work that out later 
also i made the decision to quit smoking 
i think the last time i quit was before grandma or uncle john died.. 
because i remember at the funeral all my family members who were quitting at the same time said that it was too hard at that stressful time but anyways ..back on track i gueessss

cleanse with shit loads of water today .. do some dishes and i think im going to cut wood across the lake later on ..wheres my manly red flannel when i need one?

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